Recently discovered, worth trying

  1. Over the past year, I’ve developed a love for liturgy–its history, its richness and the way in which it focuses my mind on the object of worship, Jesus Christ. I often get sidetracked when I pray and liturgy helps me focus and meditate on the goodness and character of God. I recently discovered A New Liturgy, a project formed a few years back by Aaron Niequist. Aaron melds traditional liturgy with the 21st century church in a way that slows thoughts and increases awareness of the rhythmic presence of God. (Also to note: The Liturgists, The Rabbit Room blog–run by singer/songwriter Andrew Peterson–and the Fleet Foxes–old and new music). 
  2. Gap Shorts: The “Perfect Girlfriend” and “Perfect Boyfriend” fits–I still don’t know how that relates to jean cuts–are stellar and are on sale at TJ Maxx for a third of the price. 
  3. Hearing stories of Fred Rogers re-emerge has felt timely and needed–a brilliant man with an incredible depth of understanding into the human mind. I’m proud to have watched the show and see the legacy continue. 
  4. I’m not vegan, but the Vegan Omelette at Cafe Patachou is stellar and encompasses every taste that my palette requires. (Also, Patachou “Simon Blend” coffee and multigrain bread are hands down the best in the Circle City). 
  5. This dress makes me feel like a mixture between a Henri Matisse painting and a Disney World tourist. I love it because what represents sunshine more?