"Love this!"

Just another list to make Monday seem as though it were organized, methodical and magical.

1. Well, Mondays may have become magical since I baked these brownies this afternoon. If the adjective "outrageous" isn't enticing enough, the recipe is from the queen of East Coast cuisine, Ina Garten.   I've decided if I go to cooking school, I will be her protege. 

2. In regard to cooking blogs, Smitten Kitchen  and A Couple Cooks  make my Pinterest boards come to life on these dinner plates. (No, I don't care that these are holiday plates and it's April 3).

3. I have a cookbook wishlist that ranges from Paris to the Pacific Northwest because I could never sacrifice quiche lorraine for veganism. 

4. Avocado toast - the food of royalty. Please eat it here

5. I've cycled back to lunchbox foods since my classes run through lunch hours most days. This glorified applesauce was zapped with "vegan" and "gluten free" and let me tell you, that stuff was good. Squeezable anything food-related seems fun; this nut butter is no exception. Frozen grapes are the sherbet hack that saves late-night snacking cravings and mid-afternoon hammock feasts. 

6. My friend, Elise got me hooked on this tea  while we were in Poland. It is the traveler (and college student's best friend and is basically a cure-all. 

7. Humor me philosophy students. When I found this at Meijer, I had to buy it. 

8. Tip: drink tea everyday, multiple cups and brewed right (no adding milk before its steeped or when the bag is still in)! 

9. Tip: Drink honey in your coffee. It's the bees knees and the crown of the Cafe Miel. 

10. This TV show is surprisingly addicting and it used to take place after Downton Abbey; who could go wrong with a show like that?