Things worth trying.

After a multi-month hiatus from the blog world due to a lengthy case of writer's block, a glorified list of a post emerged. Mainly, I enjoy lists, both making them and reading them. Here are five discoveries I deemed worth sharing: 

1. Blackout Poetry: A glorious rediscovery, instilled in my heart from my Sophomore English teacher. Buy yourself a copy of the Times or the Post or whatever print newspaper suits you, curl up under the covers, grab this pen and create some word art. 

2. This journal: Found under a pile of books and scarves in the catacombs of the Keystone Mall (the Anthropologie sale room) was this blank book. It makes me want to fill it with loftier thoughts than the lists and reminders that currently sprawl across its pages. 

3. Jeremy Cowart: I've followed Jeremy's photography for about a year, but his most recent documentation of the Gatlinburg fires, I believe are the most poignant and remind me the importance of never settling for the single story. 

4. Regina Spektor: Another rediscovery whose music I listen to every day. Regina writes with a pleasant dysfunction that works. I appreciate the depths and cynicism of her lyrics which turn to endearing cheerfulness with the next lines. The Calculation and Folding Chair are two favorites from this album (please listen to all of it). I've also compiled this playlist in case you want to listen to it all (which you should). 

5. This macaroni and cheese: When I eat this mac and cheese, I wonder why I choose to eat anything else in the world. When I consider the amount of butter and cheese in the recipe, I understand why it is a treat. Truly, this is the best mac and cheese I have ever tasted (say the die-hard Kraft mac and cheese eater since age three). Check out the rest of Smitten Kitchen for a plethora of other foodie dishes that feed the epicurean in us all. 


Just one more thing...this video makes me smile every time because this woman is inspirational and just plain fun.