Reading Resolutions

The only New Year's Resolution I've faithfully kept this year (and any year) is my commitment to read one additional book per month outside of course requirements at my university. The problem? My reading list keeps increasing...exponentially. 

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Bonjour, Indy!

My French food dreams came true last Saturday. A spontaneous trip to a Meridian-Kessler French Festival turned into a lovely day with friends.

Kelly, Ari, Julia and I at the St. Joan of Arc French Festival in Indianapolis. 

Kelly, Ari, Julia and I at the St. Joan of Arc French Festival in Indianapolis. 

Out of all the time-wasting portions of Facebook, stumbling across local events is the most satisfying. While procrastinating a philosophy paper last week, I noticed that St. Joan of Arc had a French food festival. It was as if the event organizers had entered into my ideal Saturday dreams. 

A group assembled and we drove to Indy Saturday morning. As we walked into the churchyard where the festival was being held, rosemary and leek wafted through the air. Vendors selling berets and artisan goods lined the streets. We wandered past tables of chatting friends enjoying pastries and the gypsy swing performed by a local band. After waiting in line and savoring the rich, zest of French cuisine, we compiled a list of our picks.

Here's what we ate:

-Ratatouille with herb garlic bread (fresh and zesty) 

- Proscuitto and leek quiche (creamy and tangy) 

- Tart Flambee (thin and flavorful) 

- Beignets (powdered sugar went everywhere )

- Cheesecake (rich, fudgy and amazing)

- Chocolate Mousse (light and sweet) 

We finished the afternoon in Broad Ripple where we visited Broad Ripple Vintage and Holcomb Gardens. Below are a few moments from the day: 

Kelly: a series in greenery

A few weeks ago, my photojournalism professor showed our class the inside of the campus greenhouse. I left wondering how I'd lived a year and a half here and never discovered the mixture forest and tropical island in the middle of the cornfields. It begged,"photograph me!" 

On this rainy Thursday afternoon, I brought my friend Kelly and my camera along to "Florida in the cornfields," the sunny, plant habitat attached to the side of the science building. 




Broad Ripple

It's been my favorite spot in Indy since I was fifteen. Somehow this neighborhood of artists continually grows more and more quirky. This place is Instagram-heaven, as shown by our array of Broad Ripple brick wall photos below.

Some highlights of this trip:

- Brics - an ice cream shop with phenomenal flavors (Our favorites were: cake batter, blackberry, grasshopper and Monon Tracks). 

- Bazbeaux - a pizza place with a cellar-vibe (We tried the Mediterranean, BBQ, and Sausage pizzas - all well worth the wait). 


Located off the Canal in Downtown Indianapolis, Quill is equal parts upper-scale and grunge. The menu boasts a wide array of espresso drinks and the shelves boast a wide array of Chemex brewers and French Presses. Watching the baristas brew coffee was like watching an artist at work. 

Quills is well worth the trip (and the Burundi blend).

Other drinks to try: Cortado, Cafe Miel, Caramel Latte