Holcomb Gardens (Indianapolis, IN)

Holcomb Gardens (Indianapolis, IN)

When I was contemplating what to name this space, I did so with a surprising lackluster of creativity. My initials spell the word "KEY" and I thought, 'huh, that might make a nice name.' So it stuck. 

Since then, I've discovered the importance of naming and the meaning it brings to individual lives. KEY is first and foremost a storytelling space and a space I hope to share. 

As a full-time student, this blog seems to take up more space in the summers and on breaks as the academic year weighs in. However, I hope it'll prove to be a consistent place for you to find kindness, thoughts branching into a million rabbit trails and knowledge of new things. 

I dabble into lots of topics here from recipes to religion and Downton Abbey to downtown Indianapolis. My hope is that you, the reader, will find something somewhere that resonates. If not, I hope that you find something that makes you think a little harder about a thought you hadn't considered before. 

In addition to unlocking thoughts here, I am a competitive reader and an avid avocado eater.

I'm a Trader Joe's junkie and a used bookstore fanatic.

I love rainy days when I can snuggle in bed all day and listen to jazz music and create–art, words, anything.

I'm a Nikon and black coffee person and an REI wannabe (have membership, will backpack).

I cry during Pixar movies and Saving Mr. Banks and laugh during My Big Fat Greek Wedding and Jonny English.

My CDs of choice are an anthology of Josh Garrels, Adele 25 and Regina Spektor.  

I've grown up in multiple denominations and am just a church person–I don't have a type, just non-heretic! I love the power of words and creation in understanding the character of the triune God. 

I once lived for a month in Europe out of a carry-on and a purse in the middle of winter without doing laundry. 

I love savory food and the beauty of French cooking. 

Talk to me anytime about the Enneagram, the Great British Baking Show, the integration of faith, art and culture, events in Indianapolis and human rights. Most of all, seek kindness with me and find a reason to celebrate this gift of life we've been given. 

Soli Deo Gloria, 

Katherine "KEY"